Studio Guidelines

Please be respectful of this space. No food or drinks allowed. Please use the shoe tray in the winter.

The studio does not have regular cleaning service so it is expected that all users help to keep the space clean. 


You must sign-in and sign-out using the sheet on the bulletin board.

Currently AEMS is available to invited researchers and faculty, and a limited number of students who are enrolled in, or have passed a 3000/4000 level electronic music course and/or are signed up for a special topics course or composition applied lessons and have been granted access. At present AEMS is not available for rental purposes.

Contact Derek Charke for more information.


If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment or software then do not attempt to use it without training.

When you are finished, please put everything back where you found it.

Equipment can’t leave the studio without permission of the director.


You should never connect your own computer to this system unless you have been given permission and training to do so. There is no stand-alone mixer in this studio. If you do not set levels correctly, you could badly damage your hearing. If you have any doubt please contact the director of AEMS.

When using the iMac Pro, levels have been set to safe volumes. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t push the levels above safe standards. Don't change overall audio levels except with permission.

When starting the equipment follow these guidelines:

  • First, be sure all of the speakers are off before turning on both MOTU units.
  • Second, turn on the computer.
  • Third, turn on the speakers. It is not necessary to turn on every speaker each time. If, for example, you are working on a stereo file, or if you are using headphones, you only need a few speakers or none at all. Additionally, speakers 1 and 2 are typically connected to the subwoofer. Always turn on the subwoofer first, and then speakers 1 and 3. This is the same with the back speakers. Turn on the second subwoofer first, and then speakers 5 and 6.


When turning off the equipment perform the reverse:

  • First, turn the speakers off. For speakers connected through subwoofers be sure to turn off the speakers first and then turn off the subwoofer.
  • Second, turn off the computer.
  • Third, turn off both MOTU units, and then disconnect any peripherals, mics, etc.


If you’ve been given the alarm code be sure to set the alarm before leaving for the day, and be sure that the doors are securely closed.

IMPORTANT: don’t forget to bring your key card with you whenever you leave the studio as the doors will lock automatically.