Welcome to AEMS—the Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio—the first fully functioning multi-channel spatialized studio of its kind in Nova Scotia. Led by Dr. Derek Charke, the purpose of AEMS is the exploration of spatialized sound, acousmatic composition, and interactive electroacoustic music. Creative research to be undertaken through AEMS can be summarized by three specific, but integrated areas of focus:

(1) Multi-channel spatialized sound research and creation—investigating the movement of sound through space using sixteen dedicated speakers;

(2) Acousmatic music research and creation—the creation of original soundtracks using both acoustic and electronic sounds; and

(3) Interactive electroacoustic music research and creation—the creation of interactive electronic music.

AEMS is sponsored by:

The Canadian Foundation for Innovation, John Evans Leaders Fund
The Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust
The Acadia University Research Fund, the Faculty of Arts and the School of Music

Latest from AEMS

AEMS is almost complete!

AEMS, the Acadia Electroacoustic Music Studio is almost complete! It's taken a few years but now the studio is nearly ready for operation, and we have this fancy website to boot. Check back for news and updates. More content will be added as work is created.

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Norman Adams and Nick Fells

AEMS was pleased to host composer Nick Fells from the University of Glasgow and cellist Norman Adams for a few days this past March.

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